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How to use bullet points in professional services CV Resumes for bids and proposals

Your CV Resumes need a combination of both longer texts as well as bullet points to allow the reader to both get a quick glimpse of the content, but also to get more detailed information about the person being submitted in the bid. CV Partners recommendation is to use bullet points for listing key skills, roles, industry experience or other key information, often on the 1st page of a CV Resume.

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Managing multiple professional services brands/identities using CV Partner

Professional services firms or groups of companies with different brands often see great value in each brand, however getting synergies in sales, bids and proposals is often a challenge. This can be solved using CV Partner.

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SharePoint CV Resume database

There are multiple ways of using SharePoint to store your company's CV Resumes. By using CV Partner SaaS and then having backups to SharePoint you have the optimal solution for winning professional services bids. Learn how it can be done in this blog post.

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The Ultimate Consultancy Proposal Tool

CV Partner is a consultancy proposal tool focused on CV Resumes and Case Studies. CV Resumes is often the most time consuming part if a bid or proposal and the documents that require the most coordination as it involves both the consultants, engineers or lawyers themselves, as well as the sales, SMEs, key account and bid teams in the organisation.

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Lessons Learned from Onboarding Professional Service Firms to SaaS CV Resume & Case Study tools

Onboarding onto Saas Tools can be daunting to customers, if it's their first time. But in the blog, Anna Pesic Sandor, CV Partner’s Lead Customer Success Manager, helps to set out some of the key elements to achieve a simple and smooth onboarding, based upon CVPartners experience on onboarding nearly 400 customers with a wide range of company sizes. We hope this is helpful.

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Keeping Employee CV Resumes Updated in Professional Service Companies

CV Resumes are core to securing work in Professional Service Companies. After all, all they have to sell is their peoples' knowledge and experience. But often getting employees to keep these up to date can be challenging. If CV Resumes are not regularly updated, companies will not have an up to date picture of the skills and competence of its employees. At it worst this could mean they could miss key opportunities or cause significant stress and frustration when trying to get these updated last minute. This blog aims to provide 4 key ideas for Team Leaders, Business Managers, HR Business Partners, Bid Managers and Sales Managers to help ensure Employee CV Resumes are kept up to date.

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CV Partner - The new way to manage CV Resumes and Case Studies for Bids, Proposals and Projects is to become a Future-Fit Business

CV Partner has committed to using the Future Fit Business benchmarks to steer and guide our company to implementation of our approach to sustainability.

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CV Partner Sponsors APMP US Western Region Conference 6th and 7th October 2022

Steve Morgan, CV Partners Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer will attend the APMP US Western Region Conference in Los Angeles on 6th and 7th October 2022 to increase awareness about CV Partner, the new way to manage CV Resumes and Case Studies.

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Proposal automation tool for CVs, Resumes and Case Studies

Finding the right proposal automation software for your professional services firm can be challenging. How does CV Partner fit into the jungle of different proposal automation tools available?

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Why your employees should have access to update their own CV

To help stakeholders understand and communicate why it is important that all employees have access to edit their CV in CV Partner. Also to highlight the benefit of having a searchable employee skills, experience and project database available for everyone in the organisation.

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