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Are you planning the transition from having CVs/Resumes in a sharepoint filebase to a structured, cloud based CV management tool in your professional services firm?

If yes, then you will probably want to know what level of customizability the CV Resume management system you will migrate to have.

Can CV Resume management be automated? 
Different from a filebase where each CV is locked in the content/format of the document, a CV/Resume management system such as CV Partner solves this in a smarter and more streamlined way. In CV Partner the content is separated from the file type and design, and kept in a structured database that's available in your browser. This has many benefits including security, availability, searchability but also how the data is used and exported to various formats for bids and proposals. This blog post explains how the automation and benefits from having a CV Resume management system such as CV Partner will not be at the cost of customizability, but rather offer some unique and new features and benefits that a sharepoint with Word files does not have.

What can be automated?
In CV Partner, we have added automation and smartness to the parts that can be streamlined and standardized such as document formatting, fonts, colours, images as well as suggestions for most of the content and data entry fields. Automating the manual work such as copy pasting and formatting while allowing the user (and system owner) to have customizability over their own CV/Resume as well as the Case Studies when working with bids and proposals.

Spend time on content rather than formatting
The consultants and engineers who update their CV/Resume in CV Partner benefit from suggestions as well as the re-use of quality content such as client names, industry and customer descriptions and help texts. This allows them to focus on better content, rather than formatting and making sure the CV Resume follows the brand and visual guidelines. Also, since you can have multiple versions as well as multiple languages, there is no need to keep multiple files or version stored. Editing is is done in the browser, the user does not have to worry about formatting and design, but rather on creating quality, up-to-date content.

Examples of automations in the CV Resume management system CV Partner

Customizable feature number 1 - CV/Resume Templates

The flexible and advanced CV Resume and Case Study template generator in CV Partner allow you to get control over how your team and case studies are presented in a document, bid or proposal. CV Partner has a dedicated team who makes templates daily. CV Partner also support government and NGO specific formats. See some relevant examples here.

Customizable feature number 2 - The user interface

The user experience for each type of user is both customizable and designed for purpose in CV Partner. The user only gets the sections and text boxes needed to perform the task at hand. This means no unnecessary complexity. Each account owner can also set their desired suggestions in master data, such as client names, skill names, industries and more.

Customizable feature number 3 - Help texts

For each section in a CV and in the Case Studies, relevant help texts can be added. This is gentle reminder on things to consider when completing the below sections. Some examples of good help texts found here.

Customizable feature number 4 - Tailored proposals

In a proposal, you can quickly and easily select the most relevant sections, projects and experiences with the click of a button. This can be done individually or in bulk. Combined with the customizable templates you can create tailored versions for each bid and proposal, increasing the likelihood of a good quality score and higher win rates.

Customizable feature number 5 - Master data

If you are keeping your CVs/Resumes or Case Studies in a filebase (CV Resumes as files with content locked in the file/design) you have very limited options to standardize content that should be standardized across your company such as client names, project names, durations, certifications, educations, skills, roles and the like.

Imagine if 15 consultants was working on a project which changed both duration, project name as well as descriptions - that would be manual or individual changes to 15 documents needed. With CV Partner, this can be updated with the click of a button using CV Partner Master Data.

The benefits of having a cloud based CV Resume management system for your professional services firm far outweigh having CVs/Resumes in a sharepoint file as individual word or powerpoint files. The benefits for both the bid team and the consultants or engineers is at least a 50 % time reduction on the time spent creating CVs and Case Studies for bids and proposals.

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