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Arguably the most important task for knowledge managers is to find and improve relevant skills, experiences and projects in the organization they work for. Additionally, the knowledge manager also need to know what goes on both inside their own business and outside the organization in relevant industries and at their current and future clients. Today, this knowledge about the organization and the market is built over time, supported by various in-house or more structured knowledge databases, excel sheets or HRM systems. In CV Partner, we have created one unified place where skills, experience and the rest of the CV/Resumes are available for everyone, easily searchable, and with the latest format available and up-to-date.

Knowing the context of the skill or experience

Compared with other ways of indexing and sorting through knowledge in an organization, CV Partner has some unique advantages, namely our excellent search functionality, combined with the latest and most up to date information on skills, roles, projects, certifications, education, courses and the like from both CVs/Resumes and Case Studies. Having both skills and CVs/Resumes in one place simplifies updating as well as it ensures that the quality is as good as possible. Also, there is significant value in knowing the proficiency level and the context in which skill has been used or acquired. In CV Partner we know this since skills are linked with projects and therefore also client, project name and sector/industry.

Adding skills and experiences for each employee is easy!

CV Partner makes it easy to identify what skills is available in the organization. The user friendly UI helps each employee add skills to their CV, and the master data tool ensures that the right skill is added, using the suggested terminology. This improves searchabilty and reports. Experience shows that CV Partner helps improve the quality of the data significantly. You can also export the skills using the API, or the custom reports to get a full overview across the organization, or use a BI (Business Intelligence) tool to analyse the data and catch trends and potential areas of improvement faster.

Linking HR, Knowledge Management and bid/sales

Both HR, knowledge managers as well as the sales team should know the strengths and weaknesses of the organization in terms of skills and experience. Therefore both of these essential parts of the organization need to have access to CV Partner. In fact, many employee/leader conversations at our clients include a section where HR and the employee jointly look at their CV in CV Partner account to update and use as a guideline for the conversation. This makes the organization more aware of the value of keeping track of the knowledge in the organization.

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