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An Introduction To The CV Partner Solution

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Who we are: CV Partner was founded by a team of consultants and designers who experienced that traditional processes of managing and creating proposals in knowledge-based enterprises were inefficient. 

We felt there was a better way for consultancies, agencies and other knowledge organisations to consolidate the collaborative skills and experiences of their teams into a more coherent organisational structure.

In developing our solution, we always had the following question at the forefront of our minds: 

“How do you efficiently sell something as intangible as knowledge or experience, as if it were a physical product coming off a production line?”

What We Do: 

CV Partner’s solution optimises proposal and bidding processes by streamlining all the stakeholders throughout your enterprise into a single workflow. We help you to create bespoke proposals for each and every proposal. We also reduce the amount of time you need to spend on creating proposals and improve the quality of your bids with more complete data. 

As a result, you have a greater capacity to create more proposals. With one platform on which to run your proposal process and collaborate with multiple stakeholders, you get greater consistency in both your processes and finished proposals.

What Types Of Things Can You Do With CV Partner?

CV Partner isn't just a template for creating proposals or an HR tool for recording the experience of your teams. Instead, it's a flexible approach to managing and organising your company’s collaborative knowledge, into a valuable database of resources to help you optimise your bids. This makes it ideal for completing defined business tasks such as:

  • Responding to RFPs and RFQs (Requests for Proposals/Request for Quote)
  • Responding to RFIs (Requests for information)
  • Managing the bidding/proposal process with a single workflow for all stakeholders

But it doesn't just assist you in completing specific tasks. It will also help you to transform your proposal strategy to achieve long-term business objectives:

  • Improves ROI for your bidding process (faster, better quality, higher frequency)
  • Greater collaboration between your sales, proposals and HR teams; or teams and departments in separate locations
  • More complete overview of the aggregate knowledge in your organisation. Our Master CVs and Validated Project Descriptions provide enhanced data that's updated with higher frequency
  • Provides an intuitive database with which to organise, understand and quickly search the knowledge in your company

The Features To Help You Outbid The Competition: 

CV Partner’s philosophy is not that you should bid harder, but that you should bid smarter; build proposals with more in-depth, higher quality data in less time than your current process.

  • One Master CV - just one Master CV for each employee to keep updated, acting as a complete record individual experiences, skills and qualifications. Read more about Master CVs
  • Custom CVs - when building a CV for a new proposal, search and find Master CVs and select the relevant blocks or key information to include. Then simply push them to the new proposal with one single click. Read more about tailoring CVs for a new proposal
  • Reference Projects - don’t leave prospective clients guessing about your track record of success. Use CV Partner’s tools to create a library of your company’s past achievements with different projects and clients. Search and add reference projects to a new proposal with just one more click of a button. Read more about Reference Projects
  • Validated Project Descriptions - no more worrying about users failing to update their CVs with new projects. Or correcting information or data discrepancies across different CVs. A project team leader creates a single validated description at the project’s kick-off. This is then added to each team member's Master CV with - you guessed it - one single click of a button
  • Customisation - Format your finished proposal with our templates and editing suite. Use your own branding, logos, fonts etc. and standardise templates through each part of your enterprise, to ensure a beautiful, bespoke finished product every time.
  • Securely Manage Data - Spotted a spelling mistakes? Made changes to organisational hierarchy or categorisation? No problem. With CV Partner's access permissions, authorised users can securely make changes or updates,  and review before pushing them out across the whole system with ease.      

These are some of the features that can help you unlock the power of collaborative knowledge in your company, and set your path to winning more business, based on the value of what you know. Collectively. 

To learn about more exciting features that can help you create the optimal proposal management process, check out the rest of our resource pages.

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