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Are you a CV Partner account administrator or use CV Partner regularly? Learn some top tips from the customer success team here!

Sales and marketing

If you have the pleasure of working with CV Partner often, you have probably met one of the onboarding or customer success team members already. We enjoy a good relationship with users who frequent our events and use the chat. In fact, most of the features in our tool is built based on feedback from leading bid and proposal professionals, HR teams and sales specialists. In CV Partner, all users are invited to provide feedback and help us improve our tool, which in turn should help each users get more value.

Here are some top productivity tips we wanted to share:

  • Most people have the best experience using Google Chrome browser
  • Using your browsers built in undo/redo feature can save you time
  • Using your browsers spell checker helps you avoid those annoying typos that are hard to detect yourself
  • Turn off auto form completion in your browser for since CV Partner already have better and more relevant suggestions built-in
  • Look out for the symbols explaining that you have an extra paragraph or line break under the text in the section, to avoid having to download the CV many times to check formatting
  • Master data comparison tool helps you clean the data in your account by suggesting to combine similar skills
  • You can easily add projects in many users CV using the "Send this project to CV" feature, you can even synchronise data too
  • When adding skills in a CV, you can bulk-add many skills with a comma separator, for example "Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 3" etc
  • Did you know that you can add external users or giving temporary access to users which should be a part of a bid? Give people access instead of sending them your word CV template

We hope that you can save some time using these tricks, and that you contact us if you have any questions or comments. You can also book a time with our customer success team by sending us an email at

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