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Being able to quickly send high quality, tailored CVs to a potential client can help you win more business

Sales and marketing

Recently, when speaking with a customer I asked if they got value out of the tool, and I got the following response:

"Being able to quickly deliver a high quality CV with relevant skills and competencies gave the client a good impression of our capabilities, helping us win the project."

At CV Partner, we strive to answer existing clients chat or support request as well as new requests coming through our website or social media as soon as possible, the reason being that our responsiveness is often key to having a good user experience and product, both when using our tool but also when new potential users contact us.

The claim above is backed by survey:

The same is some times true when selling professional services, being able to quickly react to an incoming request can make you stand out and make it easy to choose you instead of the competition.

At CV Partner we advise all clients to have both a standard CV template as well as a short form template, where the starred or highlighted sections appear first. This way, you can with a few clicks have a tailored CV ready to ship to the client in just a few seconds.

Either download the full CV, or copy to a proposal to choose the most relevant sections

If an existing or potential client has an immediate issue or a specific need, sales teams, key accounts, managers or partners some times send LinkedIN links, short bios, copy paste their email footer send links to a the company website that contains some contact information. However, imagine that you could instead send a high quality, tailored short version of the CV with contact information to the client with just a few clicks. Could that help you win more business?

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