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Client survey with usage metrics - what is the ROI of using CV Partner?

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What is the ROI of CV Partner? To get an idea of this we asked some of our clients at the annual user seminar. The attendees were a mix of both existing, new and potential CV Partner users. We are happy to report that most clients says it is easy to get started, and that they on average deliver more than 20 more bids and proposals after they get started with CV Partner compared with before. Also, we were happy to learn that everyone who uses CV Partner save a lot of time doing bids and proposals. In fact, having CV Partner reduces the time spent on CVs and Case studies by more than 50 hours per week for most of our customers! More details on the questions and results can be found below.

How much time would you estimate that your company saves per month by using CV Partner?

It is clear that all CV Partner users save time using our solution. How much depends on the  number of bids and proposals submitted together with the number of employees you need to submit CVs and References for. The results yields that more than 50 % save over 50 hours per month. What would you do with the extra time each month? Perhaps you can spend it recommending CV Partner to others!

Have you recommended CV Partner to others?

Recommending the solution to colleagues, friends and people in your network is the ultimate measure of success for most software companies. The reason being that it proves the overall solution is appreciated. We are glad to inform that more than 80 % of the participants have recommended CV Partner to other people in their network, and 24 % even reported to have recommended it to many colleagues or friends!

How easy was it to get started with CV Partner as a company?

The benefits of having CV Partner is obvious. Since the tool is SaaS with no additional onboarding costs, we are happy to report that most users find it very easy, or better than other SaaS solutions. Only 8 % reported it to be challenging, a number which we are working on reducing every day! 20% of the attendees had not started using our service.

How many MORE bids and proposals could you deliver when you had implemented CV Partner?

Interestingly none reported to not have been able to submit more offers after implementing CV Partner (this was an option in the survey). More than 59 % had reported to being able to submit more than 10 offers per year. This is a good increase which will lead to more business. We are happy to hear that our clients are able to deliver more high quality bids using our software solution!

Example calculation: The value of saving 600 hours per year:

What would the calculation be for your organization? Contact us and we will help you with a tailored business case

More results will be reported a this years seminar which will be held in September/October 2018. Contact Andreas to be invited to the next seminar:

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