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CV Partner has many templates ready to use, one of them is the Europass CV template

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The EU is working on standardization and other efforts to facilitate trade. One of the most important reason for the union is free flow of money, products and labour. Therefore, EU has standardized on both a terminology for skills (the e-Competency framework) as well as the Europass CV template. Together with the template, people can add their skills, education and certifications in a database which can be easily shared with potential employers.

Example of a CV in the Europass format, exported from CV Partner:

The same template has been used for bids, proposals or tenders of professional services to the EU and for EU funded projects. Therefore, we have received the template and added it to a few of our clients accounts, helping them win more business within the EU. With this template, the companies can focus on the content of the CVs and have the system do the formatting automatically. If you are bidding for EU projects which includes CVs and/or Case Studies as a part of the bid, please reach out and learn how we can help you get the most out of your CV Partner account!

* These templates can only be used in a CV Partner account, and they are NOT free of charge. If you are working in a company interested in learning more about CV Partner, reach out to our sales department: Reach out here

* If you are a job seeker, learn more about the EU Europass CV template, and create your own CV to apply for jobs in the EU here:

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