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CV Partner now supports CV formats for several prestigious Executive MBA CV books

Sales and marketing

A few MBA programs include professional support and career advice for each batch of students. Getting their alumni to work at leading companies is good for recruiting more students in the future. Many of the programs and schools send out “CV Books” which contains the CV profiles of each batch of students . Often the world’s leading companies, recruiters and professional services firms receive the complete or a subset of these CVs for evaluation and get the chance to pick the top talents from each batch of students. Some people get interviews for their next job based on their MBA CV.

Compiling an MBA CV often means re-writing both the narrative, the style and the format. Each MBA school uses a different template and the time spent doing this is tedious. To save time, we have therefore received some of these templates and created them in CV Partner. This way, employees working in companies who use CV Partner and send people to these schools have the possibility to get ahead of their peers by getting their MBA CV formatted based on their original Master CV with the click of a button. We have templates from some of the most prestigious schools including Insead, LSE and a few other templates available on request.

If you are attending an MBA School and want us to create the template in CV Partner, feel free to reach out to us. Also if your MBA school would like to get advice on how to facilitate the process of building your schools CV book by using CV Partner, please reach out to us as well!

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