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CV Partner makes your CVs and Case Studies GDPR ready

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You have heard about it, read about it, or even worked with it, GDPR is coming soon. A CV includes some personal information, therefore, you need to have a plan for this data. If your CVs are scattered around in folders, emails and file shares, you might have a problem when someone wants to have access, or when deleting the information.

Having all of this information in CV Partner is the easiest and quickest way of making your CV information GDPR compliant. Over the last 1,5 years we have worked extensively with both lawyers, clients and in-house developers to make our solution GDPR compliant. This includes the data processing agreements, hosting within EU as well as built-in features for sharing, downloading and deleting information.

If you are already a CV Partner user, we will soon send you a GDPR compliant data processing agreement for your company. This is a recommendation and the data processor’s responsibility to have in place by May 31st 2018.

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