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The APMP community is a global professional association with its own conferences, professional accreditation’s and late night pub crawls and parties. We are proud to be a part of this community. When we attend APMP events, such as the annual bid and proposal conference or regional APMP conferences we often talk with bid, tender or proposal managers. A common thing we hear is that bid managers some times feel squeezed between sales and marketing, and that their important function is often not well understood in many organizations.

Having to compile a bid takes both knowledge of the bidding process, the organization and the potential client or bid issuer. Attaining this knowledge is both time consuming and tricky, especially for large global organizations.

If you are working as a bid manager in a professional services firm, your job is even harder, since you have to do all of the above, and at the same time compile up to date CVs and Case Studies including the background of the resources (the people) being submitted for the bid, and making sure the data is correct and up to date.

At CV Partner, we have designed a tool that puts some of this work in the hands of the people who should be responsible, namely the knowledge workers, consultants or engineers themselves. After all, these are the people who should know their own, skills and work history, and also therefore they should be able to prepare it for a bid or a proposal.

By combing the expertise of the bid team, with the efforts of each consultant updating their own CV, you will get better CVs and Case Studies. Also, by using CV Partner and our custom templates, you can save time and be able to submit more nicely formatted bids, without having to do any copy paste or manual formatting.

At CV Partner, we have helped many bid managers get more time to focus on the contents of the bid, while we help them get the CVs and Case studies they need, formatted just the way they want it to, and in good time for the submission deadline. We have gathered some good reasons why you as a bid manager should have a tool such as CV Partner:

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