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How a few CV Partner customers got together and won a big public procurement tender using CV Partner

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In this blog we have often claimed that the CV Partner product has many bid-wining features ensuring that our clients both win bids, save time and therefore get a good ROI on their purchase. The value of CV Partner can therefore manifest itself in hard currency and more business, when the tool helps our clients win more bids. One of the contributing reasons they win is because they have up-to-date, high quality tailored CVs and Case Studies, presented in the best possible format, with the minimum amount of effort.

In a collaborative proposal, you see the CV's from each company side-by-side

In 2017, we released a new and powerful feature, allowing companies who use CV Partner, to collaborate on bids using shared collaborative proposals. This feature allows companies to share CVs and CV templates for joint bids in a shared workspace within CV Partner itself. The sharing of this data is done securely and with privacy and user friendliness in mind. 

With the CV Partner collaborative proposals feature you can instantly get the combined team of consultants or engineers presented as a unified coherent and professional manner. Also, teams consisting of people from different companies can be presented as one team, in a shared template. And, as some of our clients can contest, using CV Partner for large government tenders or bids with a bid-specific template is both a time saver, and a proven strategy to win.

If you are not using CV Partner yet, getting started with the tool can give you access to potentially collaborate with more companies and win new business, that you would normally not have collaborated with if it was not as simple as the CV Partner way. 

How is this done in practice?

Sharing content between CV Partner accounts is easy and secure. We have some safety features built-in. Firstly, an administrator need to toggle this on for the account, secondly the CVs and Case Studies need to be added to a proposal which is then shared externally with a secure URL. The URL which is sent is then only available to a person with a valid account at the recipients domain. You can share proposals between many companies, not just two.

The proposal collaborator is also GDPR compliant. When the bid is submitted, you can revoke access from the shared workspace. If a user is deleted in any of the shared accounts, it is also removed from the proposal. More information how it is done here

If you are interested in a demo of the CV Partner collaborative proposals feature, feel free to reach out to us at

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