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Why the CV Partner SaaS tool needs to be both fast and easy to use

Sales and marketing

Most bids and proposals are submitted to the recipient in PDF. Most bid teams use either InDesign, Photoshop, Google Drive as well as Microsoft Word to create the bid documents. Some companies also use a bid proposal tool to compile the documents. Arguably, the most common is Word, which is also an output (export) formats from CV Partner. This is used because it is flexible and because most people know how it works. This is also one of the reasons that the templates in CV Partner (more info here) is in fact based on Word .dotx template files. 

Before CV Partner, companies used Word to compile CVs and Case Studies for bids and proposals

Many companies who now use CV Partner, used to use Word to compile CVs and Case Studies for bids and proposals. Today, they benefit from a custom designed tool tailored for the purpose of updating CVs and Case Studies, as well as submitting bids and proposals. CV Partner is a cloud based SaaS tool, which have many benefits, including easy deployment, accessibility in any browser, seamless product updates and much more. However, many cloud tools can sometimes be slower than using software which runs on your local computer, since the processing is not done locally the performance will be dependent on the network conditions as well as browser type.

With CV Partner, you have both the capabilities of Word, as well as many other bid-winning features

When we designed the CV Partner software architecture, we had both security, ease of use and speed as priorities. We also know that a fast software is a good software. If a tool is fast, you can then cater to the most advanced users and all users will benefit. Also, since many of our first customers were software development consultancies we had the toughest and most challenging users to satisfy.

CV Partner is currently only hosted in the EU but our clients from Australia to Hawaii are reporting excellent usability and speed despite of the distance to our data centre.

Over the years, the browsers and cloud technology has improved, allowing for an even better user experience and speed. We are therefore continuing to improving the speed and usability of CV Partner. We will also offer more data centre locations in the future. Test it for yourself by signing up for an online demonstration with CV Partner and get your own trial/demo account.

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