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How and why you should automate CVs and Case Studies for bids and proposals

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Why Automate

Each project you do as a company, as well as each project participants' skills, roles and responsibilities are different and requires regular updates to stay relevant. Further, a content library for CVs and Case Studies also requires input from multiple stakeholders in the organisation, every time a bid is due. Creating these bids and proposals is also repetitive in nature, as most professional services firms deliver bids on a weekly basis. If you have both frequency and time consuming tasks, you should look into how to automate.


Being both important, time consuming and involving input from multiple stakeholders in your company, the value of automating the creation of CVs and Case Studies for bids and proposals is arguably quite high. Further automation makes sense in all types of professional services firms, both large and small firms as well as specialised or full-service firms in the consulting, IT, engineering, architecture or legal industries.

The prerequisites

To automate your CVs and Case Studies for bids and proposals, you need to have a system that treats CVs and Case Studies as data. More precisely you need a way to have structured data, both up-to-date and available. Further, you need to make it very easy for any stakeholder to update data, as well as search for relevant content needed for a bid. This is exactly what CV Partner has been focusing on since 2013.

The CV Partner workflow ensures quality data

The CV Partner Workflow ensures that data in each CV and Case Study is continuously updated, searchable and available. Every time you win a new project, and document it in either your ERP or Finance system, you can at the same time automate the creation of Case Studies also update each project participants CV. All each participant would have to do is click the notification, and add their role and skills.

The CV Partner features allow you to use the data to win bids

CV Partner allows you to both find, tailor and export all your CVs and Case Studies in an automated fashion. The templates, which are made and adjusted on demand, allow you to export the data, in the correct format and with nice formatting, every time. Further, using the proposals feature in CV Partner you can easily automate the creation of all your content in any format your client requests, as well as collaborate both internally in a bid-team or externally with your partners. 

Don't spend time manually formatting CVs and Case Studies, choose to automate it with CV Partner today! 

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