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How CV Partner automates the submission process for Legal 500 and Chamber lawyer ranking

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Every year, many law firms submit their relevant projects, lawyer profiles and references for annual rankings made by Legal 500 and Chambers. The information submitted needs to be up to date, quality assured and in a format which is a prerequisite for participation. Many lawyers have spent many hours gathering and submitting relevant data for these rankings over the years. The task is manual and repetitive, often stealing time from more relevant and billable client projects.

A directly downloaded .docx-export from CV Partner

With CV Partner, a significant portion of this work can be automated. Since a lot of the information could be collected from CV Partner structured database allowing you to export the most relevant information in the right format without any copy pasting or editing. CV Partner already have the most up to date information on the cases (matters) and people and simply by using the CV Partner built in custom templates you can easily and quickly save many hours of manual, copy pasting.

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