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How CV Partner can be a catalyst for change and create a more open and collaborative organisation

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Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies get started with CV Partner, the new way of working with CVs and Case Studies.

When a company adopts CV Partner it is sometimes a part of a larger transformation, modernisation or digitisation effort. Some times CV Partner replace older legacy systems which tend to be more locked down and does not offer the editing, exporting and search capabilities that CV Partner has.

Therefore, for most new CV Partner users, the CVs which includes the skills and experiences in the organisation becomes much more up-to-date as well as accessible. Our clients say that this creates a more open and transparent organisation which leads to increased collaboration. This is true especially for larger or multinational companies, or companies who have grown as a result of multiple acquisitions.

Often, the process of acquiring CV Partner starts with an introduction or demo, a demo and trial account, and then a roll-out. Often, we can help new companies with a business case to get approval for using the tool to win more bids. 

When a decision to roll out CV Partner has been made, the process of adopting CV Partner is assisted by CV Partner staff who have experience doing this in similar orgnizations. Here are some tips for how to handle change management efficiently in an organisation which is about to start using CV Partner:

1. Set a direction

Examples: “We want to be able to deliver more and better bids” or "we want our employees to save time and have the best in-house tools available on the market to make them productive"

2. Translate this direction/vision into a short narrative or story

Examples: “To achieve this vision we need to have a purpose built CV and case study tool which is used by all relevant resources in our company” or "Today we are spending __ hours on needless copy pasting and formatting of individual CVs for bids, we need a tool to cut this time in half"

3. Create a roadmap with tangible goals

The roadmap should include SMART-goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound)

Example: "All employees in every department should add all their projects including skills, role and duration for all projects by in CV Partner by October 1st"

You can then add more steps/milestones needed to reach the goal set above.

Example "The project management team should test and verify the functionality in all templates by September 1st" or "The entire bid team should have performed training sessions with CV Partner one week before roll-out"

4. Communication with stakeholders

Create a communication channel where you can address all users on the importance of using CV Partner as the place to update CVs and Case Studies. This is some times done on emails, chat-rooms, company intranet or using video or in-person training sessions or company wide meetings. At the same time, find out who the key stakeholders are an empower key users with super user training and responsibilities (this is often done in close cooperation with the CV Partner customer success team).

5. Stakeholder management

Organisational change requires key stakeholder management. Therefore, we have listed the stakeholders needed to get onboard for a successful implementation on the front page of CV Partner:

Bid Manager / Bid Team

Will benefit hugely from CV Partner and save 100s and possibly 1000s of hours. They will be interested in a demo, understanding the workflow and functionality of CV Partner. They are the typical super users of CV Partner.

Human Relations / Knowledge Manager

Will have a hugely valuable source to organise, report and monitor the knowledge of the organisation. In some companies HR are designated as system owner of CV Partner.

Sales / Key Account Manager

Will have an up-to-date database and easy access to Case Studies and talent within your organisation that they can highlight to potential clients. Sometimes Sales own some of the Case Studies.

Department Manager

Will have an accessible tool, easy to monitor their people’s skills and experience.

C-level Decision Maker

Will benefit from an overview of the organisations’ skills and knowledge. Will be interested in a business case for CV Partner. Our clients report they save 50% of the time previously spent on CVs and Case Studies. CV Partner can help with business case templates.

Knowledge Worker / Consultant

Will have a single place to update their skills and experience without having to worry about formatting. Will feel more ownership and awareness of the importance of writing a good CV. Can use CV Partner as a knowledge database to find colleagues with relevant skills and experiences.

IT / Business support

Will have to worry less about shadow IT solutions. Can automate offboarding and onboarding. Will want to know about security, integrations and API.


Will have an up-to-date database of CVs and Case Studies they can use as input to their marketing. Sometimes marketing are responsible for some of the Case Studies.


Will have to worry less about personal data floating around in Word documents. Will be interested in GDPR, data processing agreements and where and how data is stored and processed. Will often review service agreement also.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how CV Partner has helped organisations become more transparent and collaborative, feel free to reach out to us!

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