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How CV Partner can help you sell more services and products as well as improve your brand

Sales and marketing

CV Partner - a knowledge database tool that doubles as a CV and Case Study tool for bids and proposals

To date, CV Partner is used daily by consultants, engineers, designers, architects and lawyers who have to maintain and present their knowledge and skills both internally and externally, and to engage in bidding and proposals of professional services. However there are some related industries that require a certain degree of specialization but professional services is not necessarily the main product of the actual service or product they are selling. Often it could be an additional service offered for some deliveries or some clients.

Companies that sell B2B products, machines, custom, tailored or engineered solutions or services such as corporate finance or financial advise can stand out from their competition if they, as a part of their sales, marketing, bidding or proposals can deliver high quality, tailored CVs and Case Studies that helps build their brand.

All companies have to have a place where their knowledge is stored, not only for HR and marketing purposes, but for internal knowledge sharing as well as revealing the skills that your employees have.

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