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How the Case Study feature can help you win more bids and proposals, as well updating reference projects in many CVs at a time

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Since the product name has the abbreviation «CV» in it, it should be no surprise that this is perhaps the most important feature in CV Partner. However, the Case Study feature in CV Partner have become increasingly popular, and we even have some clients who only use the case study feature to win bids and proposals. In the wild, the Case Study have many names, and some of these terms are often used interchangeably, such as credentials, references, reference-sheets, reference-cases or company projects. In CV Partner it is just called «References», and you find it next to the CVs in "Search and Proposals"

The Case Study or Reference module in CV Partner consists of the following fields:

Standard fields

  • Client name
  • Project name
  • Industry
  • Introduction
  • Fields for duration, size and extent
  • Specialist fields for project type, project owner, architect etc

An example project in CV Partner

Longer text fields

These fields are used for explaining and documenting any project

1. The project challenge - The reason the client needed your professional services

2. The project solution or description - How your company solved the clients challenge

3. The value proposition - The benefit or value the client got from the project you delivered

The above 3 fields can be applied to describing any project in any professional industry. If you use other headlines or names for the sections for your projects, we can solve this with help texts as well as templates company specific headlines. 

One of the longer text in a Case Study

Special and validated fields

A project can have many contact persons (client references/contact persons) as well as a reference owners (users in the account). Lastly you can add images, links, skills and key learning or reflection points.

Validated fields opens up for advanced searching and control

Fields for duration, size, extent and cost are validated fields, meaning they only allow numbers to be added in these fields. This is to avoid errors in the data, ensure quality and to allow for sorting, limit searching and value conversions. This can be a big time saver, if your bid for example required to submit information about duration in days instead of hours, or months instead of years. Or if you only want to search for content within projects completed during the last two or five years for example.

An example for a validated field

Custom tags or fields

Additionally, using the same custom tags feature we have for CVs you can add other company, bid or proposal-specific information or fields needed for your use case.

Examples for custom tags one could add to a CV or Case Study

Linking CVs and Case Studies

You can also update project participants CVs by pushing relevant information from the case study to the CVs, saving you time, and giving you high quality, updated CVs more easily. You can also synchronise data that should be identical in users CVs as well as in the case study such as project description, name, duration, industry and project type. More information about the CV and Case Study synchronisation feature in this and this product update. 

Synchronise project data in CVs and Case Studies

Case Study can easily be exported from CV Partner in Word, PDF and PPT

With CV Partner you have full control over the design, formatting, fonts, logos and colours of your Case Studies. In fact you can have multiple templates and use the one which is most fitting to the customer, bid or proposal. You can export or share the up-to-date case study or reference project without having to do any copy pasting or formatting. Learn more about how templates can be designed and what type of templates CV Partner support here.

Examples of templates and how you can request your own design

Do you want to learn more about the Case Studies in CV Partner?

Contact us for the link to a quick 4-minute video, or for a live demo with the Customer Success team at your convenience. We also have longer videos which showcases more of the functionality in detail.

Get started with the Case Study feature today

All CV Partner accounts have this functionality built-in, and there is no extra charge to use it. If the feature is not toggled on in your account go to «Account» -> »Customize CV Partner» and turn it on today. Make sure you also ask us to create a Case Study template matching your company's fonts, logos, layout and colours.

If you have any questions, reach out to your customer success manager or sign up using the link below.

Learn more by contacting CV Partner