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How to communicate the CV Partner SaaS roll out to your colleagues

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At CV Partner we have experience on how to successfully communicate the rollout of our system to the people who will update their CV in CV Partner for the first time. This includes existing employees during a system roll-out as well as for new joiners who are joining our clients continuously as a part of the onboarding process.

Before the roll-out, we have often worked with account setup, templates, help texts and data import, making the CV Partner account ready and tested for the new users. This blog post does not include how the new CV Partner account is set up, how templates are created and QA'ed, how data is imported etc. It only covers the actual communication of CV Partner to the colleagues who will start to use it. More on that subject here.

Since CV Partner is a user friendly tool that runs in any browser, in many cases the rollout is simply communicated using email, or using the company's preferred direct message tool or the intranet.

In general you should include the following key points in your communication strategy

  • Start with the why
  • Follow up with the how
  • Make sure each user see their own benefit
  • How the user can get support when or if needed
  • Clear Call-to-Action (i.e. log in here and complete your CV now!)

A practical example of how it can be done

Example of a recent e-mail sent out to all employees in a company who was rolling out CV Partner for the first time

Subject: The new way to manage CVs and Case Studies is here!
We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with CV Partner, a cloud-based global skill repository for our CVs and Case Studies, readily available, searchable and exportable with the click of a button. With this tool, no more time will be wasted on formatting or copy/pasting CVs and client references.

What is in it for you?

· With CV Partner, it is easy to update, maintain, search and export your own as well as your colleagues CVs and client references. The system ensures availability, security and consistency, allowing you to simply focus on content rather than formatting.

· You can easily manage all your skills and roles in just one Master CV. The Master CV contains a complete record and description of all your individual skills and experiences and can now be used as the building blocks to quickly and painlessly build new CVs.

· Instantly create a tailored CV for inclusion in a new proposal. You can easily customise your CV by altering the text or layout and hiding elements or sections of the CV. Include what you want, in the way you want it.

· By providing more complete data on your CV, you will appear in more relevant search results. This equals more interesting and relevant projects closer to your skills.

· Equipped with a powerful search engine to help you find the right expert and share skills with your colleagues.

· Reuse information available in references in your CV to keep consistency between CVs and references.The system will give you suggestions on skills, client names, industries, courses, certifications etc which will save you time when updating your own CV.

· CV Partner is multilingual but will be fully available in English at first, nevertheless you can still fill your master CV in several languages.

We are counting on you!

All we need from you is to login into CV Partner here: and start filling in your CV. All CVs need to be in the system before the end of August.

To ensure the correct adoption and maximise the potential of this tool, 30 minutes training sessions will be available throughout the weeks of July. Signup for that here.

Do not hesitate to check the intranet page if you have any questions, or use the in-app support chat.

We are counting on all of you to be a part of this revolution!

Rolling out CV Partner for Enterprise Professional Services firms

For larger enterprises who are starting using CV Partner it is often a part of a larger quality improvement of the content of their CVs and Case Studies. In these cases, there might be some more content that needs to be created in order to facilitate this. This includes:

  • A ppt or pdf explaining the content and structure of a good consulting CV
  • A training video on how to use CV Partner
  • A post/content on the intranet with link to CV Partner
  • Some examples of good CVs in the system (often a direct link to a user in CV Partner with a good CV)
  • A all hands on deck kick-off meeting (on site or using video) either company-wide or on a department level

Want to learn more about this topic?

Reach out to our customer success team who have been rolling out CV Partner to new clients on a weekly basis and would love to share their best practices. 

Learn more by contacting CV Partner