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How to convert your "old" CVs and Case Studies to the new brand, font, format and logo

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Have your company just performed a rebranding but all of your CVs and Case Studies are now suddenly out-dated since they are using the old brand? Are your CVs and Case Studies made in Word or PPT and still stuck in the same Sharepoint folder, all using the old formatting? Don't worry, CV Partner can help you!

CV Partner treat the content in your CVs and Case Studies as data. CV Partner can take your Word, PDF or Powerpoint files and turn them into data, which can then easily be exported in the new format. In CV Partner, the content (or CV and Case Study data as we call it) is separated from the Word, PDF and PowerPoint export templates, allowing you to have much more flexibility.

Using CV Partners powerful, custom template generator, you can export your CVs in any format, using your desired fonts, logos, colours and design. Therefore, if you are already using CV Partner, rebranding can indeed be very easy. Simply send us the new design and we will implement it and you can enjoy your entire database, exportable in the new design.

If you are not using CV Partner yet, then a rebranding is a good reason to get started. Instead of manually copy pasting, or re-formatting all of your colleagues CVs and Case Studies, CV Partner can automate this task. You can either put the data directly into your new CV Partner account, and have all the content available for export in the new brand. Alternatively, if your content is already nicely formatted as Word files or a more structured format, we can import your old CV and Case Study documents into CV Partner automatically.

Many happy CV Partner clients have saved countless hours and needless suffering not having to manually format and rebrand their content manually. Learn more how CV Partner can help your company today!

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