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How to get your employees to update their CVs regularly

Sales and marketing

“Where is this person's CV? Is it updated?

“Updating my skills and CV is both tedious and boring!”

“I don’t have time to update my CV in time for the bid submission deadline!”

“Have my colleagues updated their CVs lately?”

"Help, my employees have not updated their cvs!"

As a bid manager or consultant you have perhaps heard this before? Over time we have tried to mitigate and counter this issue while onboarding and supporting the users of our tool. Our ultimate goal is that none of the above is true for the companies using CV Partner.

While we develop CV Partner, we have always focus on usability for all users of the tool. This, combined with insights on how the bid and proposal process works, has guided us into some best practices which we have implemented as features. In addition to usability, making it easy to update the CV and helping each user with relevant suggestions has proven important. We also link case studies and CVs, making it easier to maintain consistent descriptions across CVs and case studies.

The first step is knowing the current status of your colleagues CVs

With CV Partner you can easily see when a CV was last updated. By exporting a report you can get an overview and follow up with users who have not logged in recently. Also, if you use CV Partner, your customer success representative can also tell you which departments have the done the best job with their CVs on aggregate.

Built-in suggestions

Having built-in suggestions saves both the users time, and improves quality and search-ability. Also, the CV and Case Study export becomes a lot more professional when data is consistent. Having a master data system that can be built from the actual CVs, either if they are imported or added manually. In CV Partner, the master data can also be imported into each account from csv-files or excel.

Linking CVs and Case Studies

Linking the company’s references or case studies with the CVs is also a smart trick we have learned and implemented with our “Add official description to CV” functionality. This way, you can easily add the data which is relevant for the project members CVs with a few clicks. This ensures both high quality data, but also gives the user the feeling of having some help to do the task they some time have to do in their spare time.

Some other tips include

  • Make sure it is easy and user friendly for each user to access their CV
  • Make sure the CV is available on any device any time
  • Give your employees another reason for updating besides “you have to”. For example, if people have added their tailored summaries and all their skills early on, they will get more or better assignments. Perhaps they can also avoid those last minute emails or phone calls before the bid is due
  • Make sure you use Single Sign-on, and that it works well on both office WiFi and at home
  • If the user have questions about their CV, be ready to answer in an in-app chat that allows the user to get continuous support
  • Mentorship and follow up from management or HR also contributes to having the CVs up to date
  • Make sure that it is fun, and that each employee is proud of the skills, experiences and tools they have learned while working for your company
  • Sharing is caring! If you add your skills and experience, you might get the chance to talk to a colleague about what you know

All of these best practices, and many more are included in your CV Partner roll-out. Contact us to learn more!

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