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How to get your employees to update their CVs regularly

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When’s the last time you were able to power through all of your back-logged to-dos? Was it days ago? Months? Years?

Even though we multitask more than ever these days, we seem to be getting busier. This has become especially true as many of us shift to working from home and adapt our daily work lives to our new state of “normal”. This hectic work life leads to a long list of tasks that take a back seat to other timely priorities (like the next bid which is conveniently due at the end of next week).

One of these someday to-do tasks for your employees might be updating their CVs. 

And whilst you might be apprehensive to put another priority on their plate, this is one you definitely don’t want to wait on. After all, applying for bids and proposals requires you to put your very best foot forward and present your business as the most capable option for each project. 

And this requires that all CVs be in tip-top shape, at all times.

So how can you motivate your employees to update their CVs regularly? Here are our top 6 tips:

1. Make CVs easy to access and user-friendly to edit

If you want your employees to update their CVs regularly, make it extremely easy for them to do so.

If employees have to jump through hoops each time they want to make an update, it will become more of a burden, and they’ll be more reluctant to do it for each small change.

2. Set reminders and deadlines

Setting monthly or quarterly reminders for your team to update their CVs will help to keep it top of mind. Adding a deadline each time you send a reminder out is also a great way to nudge your employees to get it done.

Mentally, having a deadline helps us promote a task to a level of priority that non-deadline tasks just don’t have.

3. Make sure CVs are available on any device, at any time

This also fits into the ‘make it easy for your employees’ category, but it’s important enough to be its own point. Oftentimes, people like to knock out to-dos during otherwise wasted hours — like sitting at the airport waiting on a flight, or at the waiting room of a doctor’s office. 

If you’re able to make CVs available to your employees on any of their devices at any time, they will be able to take advantage of those in-between moments in their busy day to tick off some updates.

4. Offer incentives

Incentives are a fantastic way to motivate in any situation — and getting employees to update their CVs is no exception! 

For example, you could announce that employees who have added their tailored summaries and all their skills early on will get more assignments — or better ones.

You could also offer extra PTO or cash prizes. Use your creativity here; whatever you think will motivate your team best. 

5. Provide support 

Likely, your employees will have questions as they update their CVs. Have a team in place (likely from HR or management) who can be available to answer those questions promptly and give some guidance.

If your team is ready to make updates, but has to wait days for answers, this task could quickly fall back into their someday to-do pile.

6. Make it a chance to celebrate your employees 

Simply telling your team to update their CVs because they have to isn’t a super inspiring way to motivate them. 

Instead, position your request as a chance for employees to shine. Let each employee know that you’re proud of the skills, experiences and tools they have learned while working for your company, and that their CV is a great place to show them off.  

Leading by example and having each employee take ownership and pride in their own CV is likely the best way to keep everything up to date. 

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