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How to implement the CV Partner SaaS tool in your professional services firm

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If you are reading this blog post, it means that you are interested in the new way of working with CVs and Case Studies. You might have used CV Partner at a previous employer, heard about CV Partner or gotten a demo. You already know that your company will benefit from using CV Partner, either to improve bids and proposals, or saving time when updating the CVs you have today. How do you implement CV Partner?

Implementing CV Partner does not require any prior experience with SaaS or even with implementation of a new tool or service. The experienced CV Partner Customer Success Team will assist you all the way. In most cases, all you need is someone or a small team with a few hours per week to spare to upload information, connect with relevant stakeholders in your company as well as track the progress in our implementation process. Your company's CV partner account will be prepared and tested before you give access to the account for your colleagues.

Here is what to expect from CV Partner during the implementation

  • Excellent onboarding planning and resources
  • Timely updates and availability from our team
  • In-app support chat for all users
  • Understanding of, and relevant knowhow from, your industry or business

What we expect from you during the implementation process

  • Project manager with time to implement the system 
  • A timeline for launching the product in your organisation (CV Partner can host the kick off or assist in communicating a roll-out)
  • Quality assurance of templates and imported data (data import is optional, users can also add their CV directly in CV Partner)
  • That you set up a small governance team to own CV Partner in your organisation

During the first year of having CV Partner you can expect:

  • Higher quality CV and Case Study data
  • More and better bids submitted
  • Increased collaboration as a result of users finding people with the right skills internally
  • More bids won (!)
  • More control over skills and experience and other relevant terminology
  • Time saved across your entire organisation leading to an excellent ROI

The first month is free of charge (as we include onboarding, templates, training etc when you sign the contract). You can decide to start with monthly payments with pay-as-you-go and no upfront commitment.

The best time to improve your bids and proposals is always yesterday. If you are spending time on CVs and Case Studies today, and will do it in the future, you should get started with CV Partner now. Book a time with our customer success team to start the process today!

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