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How to set up a suitable structure in CV Partner in an enterprise with multiple countries and departments

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Countries and Departments

When deploying CV Partner in an enterprise both countries and departments is set up to enable filtering, templates as well as access rights. A CV Partner account needs to have a country with a default language, as well as a department which the first users can belong to. Learn more about countries and languages in CV Partner here.

Access rights

Furthermore, access rights in CV Partner are linked to both departments and tags. Giving a user the role “Department manager” will automatically give user edit rights to all users in the department the users belong to. You can also add multiple departments to a user's role, giving them edit rights to users in multiple departments. You can also use custom tags to enable more customised access rights for certain users.

To have access rights to multiple countries in a CV Partner account, you need the role “Administrator”

Filter and templates

The department structure enables each department to have different default templates. The departments can be based on location, office, speciality or expertise. As a user, you can filter based on country and department structure. You can choose all or none of the departments by clicking on the country or choose to select all. The setting is individual to each user and stored between each log-in.

An example where each country have one department

Also, a country can have many departments, not just one as seen in the image above. A country can also have different language settings. Each department can have a different default template. Custom tags can also be used across countries and languages. Based on your organisation structure or setup, your Customer Success Manager will give you their recommendations on how to use the department setup.

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