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How to use CV Partner to cross-sell or upsell professional services services

Sales and marketing

In order to cross- or upsell anything, you need to know both the clients needs and goals, as well as what services (products) they will be willing to buy. Knowing what your colleagues have done for other clients, in other industries or using other methodologies or approaches is often a first step towards selling more professional services. How does someone in your firm find this potentially very valuable information in your company?

Recently we spoke to a client who said; before CV Partner, we had little experience and knowhow knowing what other consultants were doing, or had done for other clients than the ones in the consultants immediate surroundings. We had this information in our time sheets, scheduling and ERP system, but consultants very rarely accessed this, and most of them did not even have access or know where to find the information. When we did have monthly meetings where client issues and potential opportunities were discussed, the details which made the cross-sell possible was not always uncovered.

Another client also mentioned that using CV Partner had revealed more skills and experiences they did not know they had. For example, a client had users with a certain certification, and language skill in one department, which another department had to to buy elsewhere to complete a project for a client. With CV Partner they could instead complete the project using in-house expertise.

With CV partner, a consultant or engineer working at a client can log in to CV Partner, and quickly, with almost no effort at all, find out what your firm has done for other similar clients, or similar projects done using the same methodology, skill or technology. This way identifying up- or cross-selling opportunities is easier if you have CV Partner in your organization. 

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