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How your HR team can benefit from having access to CV Partner

Sales and marketing

CV Partner is used by thousands of knowledge workers working as consultants, bid managers, engineers, lawyers, or marketing experts every day. However, we see increasing use of CV Partner amongst our clients HR teams. Since most professional services companies do recruiting, talent management and planning it makes sense that they also have access to the knowledge based company's most valuable assets, their colleagues skills, projects and experiences.

In CV Partner, the HR teams can access skills, certifications, courses and information about their employees. Also, annual HR reviews often includes going through the CV Partner CV together with each user, making sure it is both up-to-date and correct. When hiring new people, the HR team can easily access experts within certain domains to include in the recruiting process.

Some companies even take it to the next level by using the CV Partner API to connect the skills and experiences from CV Partner with a HRM system, ensuring that the data is both up-to-date as well as in high quality. More information about how this can be done on request.

Learn how CV Partner can be used as a knowledge management tool and to find relevant skills and experiences.

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