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How your marketing team can get value from CV Partner

Sales and marketing

CV Partner is used by thousands of people working as consultants, bid managers, engineers, lawyers, or HR managers every day. But, did you know that some companies also allow their marketing team to access their CV Partner account? Since most professional services companies do some sort of marketing, either online or direct, at trade shows or in magazines and everything in between, it makes sense that they also have access to the company's most valuable assets namely their colleagues skills.

In knowledge intensive professional services companies, who employs engineers, lawyers, consultants, designers, architects and IT people there is also the need for creating product sheets, white papers, case studies and other marketing material, either for distribution in pdf, publication on web or as printed marketing material. CV Partner can be used by your sales and marketing team to craft impactful stories that resonates with your potential clients. Each case study can have accompanied pdf or powerpoint files which can be downloaded as a part of the case study.

When the marketing team is working on a campaign that requires some special knowledge in a specific field or industry that some of the staff are experts on, where do they go to find out who this person is to interview them or fact check the marketing material? Often, CV Partner is the quickest and easiest way for them to get access to this information. Simply search or filter and you will be able to find the right resource.

The sales an marketing team can therefore also get a lot of value from having access to CV Partner, simply by having access to the CVs, skills, case studies or project references exported in the format that suits your company's fonts colours and brand guidelines, without having to do any form of formatting.

If you are working with marketing at one of our clients, feel free to reach out to our customer success team to talk about how you can benefit from having access to the skills and experiences your company has.

See some examples of case study and other templates here, you can also take inspiration from CV Partners own case studies here.

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