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Importing CV and Case Study data in CV Partner is easy!

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We assist each new company wanting to get full control over CVs and Case Studies throughout the entire onboarding process including importing of existing data. We do this by assessing the data available today, and assist in importing the data available to CV Partner securely and effectively.

To date we have imported data from many sources, both structured and unstructured, multiple file formats, sizes, languages, fonts and file types. We consider our ability to import data to be one of the key success factors of a CV Partner roll-out. In our everyday, we spend a lot of time preparing, processing and quality assuring data that is imported to our system. We have imported file types such as: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, .json, MySQL, Postgres and various database formats. We have imported data from HR, CRM, ERP, legacy CV and reference databases as well as custom databases and file shares such as Sharepoint, Dropbox or Google drive.

CV Partners custom parser turns unstructured data into structured data

Unstructured data means data without a relation to other types of data. Unstructured data are mostly not indexed, tagged or labeled in any way. This is true for most Word documents. Searching through unstructured data means that you get unstructured results without context, and you are not able to narrow down the search to a specific type of data. Obviously, structured data is better than unstructured. And getting from unstructured to structured data does require some work. We automate as much as possible of this process, and with the increasing number of clients, file types and industries we have worked with, we are becoming increasingly good at it. Today, we create custom parsers for each client that reads through their unstructured data and inserts it in the correct fields in CV Partner.

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