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Keeping Employee CV Resumes Updated in Professional Service Companies

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How to get employees in professional services to keep their CV Resume up to date?

The Problem...

A common problem in IT, Engineering, Legal, Business Management and Construction firms, is getting employees to keep their CV Resume up to date. 

Why? It’s too complicated, it’s not as important as existing client work, it takes too long, nobody has asked them to do it, they don’t know why they need to do it or they are not even sure where the last version is.

But for businesses that sell people, the CV Resume is a key document which helps demonstrate through qualifications, knowledge and experience, what your business can achieve.

The Solution...

Here is a 5 step plan to make this work better.

  • As HR to Include updating their CV Resume a key process within their annual training and performance review. Prior to the review, the employee should be asked to update their CV Resume sand for the update to be issued to their manager before their 1-2-1 meeting. During this meeting the Manager can check the updates and approve the new CV Resume.
  • Use a simple and consistent template to collect the information. Try to collect the minimum amount of information by asking for their top 5 projects, instead of all 40 projects done throughout their career.
  • Give them advice and examples of what the CV Resume should look like. For example show them how you would like them to demonstrate the project or case detail and added value to the client.
  • Keep CV Resumes in one location for example one document folder per department or region, or in an consistent place like their personal profile on a sharepoint site.
  • Help them understand how important it is to support work winning, which ultimately pays their salary. 

How CV Partner Helps...

To go one step further, you might also consider using a CV Resume tool like CV Partner.

CV Partner is the new way to manage CV Resumes and Case Studies. A cloud based tool that helps managers understand when their employees last updated their CV Resume. Rather than providing a word template, it stores information a data fields, for assembly into 101 different bespoke templates, reducing all the reformatting  into a single click of a button. CV Partner uses a simple structure, supported with customer specific advice to help employees complete the CV Resume. It also can upload all your existing word CVs into the new tool. It keeps all CV Resumes and Case Studies in one place online, which can be accessed anywhere.

All in all a pretty smart tool to help ensure your CV Resumes are up to date and ready to go, as soon as your clients need them. 

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