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Multi-country and multi-language support in CV Partner

Sales and marketing

CV Partner is built to be used by any professional services firm that operate across languages and countries. Most CV Partner customers have offices in several countries and collaborate across border and timezones on bids, proposals or projects.

In CV Partner, you can decide which language is your primary language and you can have your colleagues Master CVs and Case Studies in several languages. This allows you to easily maintain two or more language versions of each CV and Case Study. You can also change the language of the user interface for each user. Below is a screenshot of a filter, each country can have different 1st and 2nd languages, as well as user interface (menu) languages.

An example of the country filter in CV Partner

In addition to having content in several languages, our master data solution lets you translate certain parts of all CV and Case Studies automatically allowing you to have consistency across many languages. This feature also helps you save time when translating multiple CVs. When translations have been added to masterdata, searching for some content (for example a skill) in one language, gives the user results for the corresponding search in the other languages. This way, you can see the competence, projects or certifications of colleagues in other languages or countries without having to translate all content. This allows you to discover relevant experience your colleagues in other countries might have.

CV Partner support content in any language

The static texts in the templates such as headlines, headers, footers etc. can also be translated allowing you to have templates which are independent from language. This way you can use the same template in multiple languages, and easily add a new language when needed.

Add labels to your template to support multiple languages

Each country can have its own default language and template. The department, division and office filter allows you to narrow search and find the right expertise in the right department or location. This can be easily configured to match the structure of your company.

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