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New font, brand and logo, no problem!

Sales and marketing

Recently, a client finalized a rebranding process where both fonts, colors, logo and visual expressions was updated for the entire company. Normally, that would imply that all employees would have to update their CVs and the company's references/case studies with the new format. For a large company with many employees and references that was a huge challenge and time consuming task.

Instead, we imported their CVs to CV Partner and quickly updated the default template in their CV Partner account, enabling them to get all of the CVs and case studies available in the new font and colours instantly without a single paragraph copy-pasted. The client estimated that they would save at least one hour per employee by having CV Partner instead of doing this job manually for all their CVs and Case Studies.

This separation between the CV, case study and the data have several other benefits including multiple templates, more professional look, less time updating CVs and many others.

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