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Setting up a CV Partner demo account is easy

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Seeing is believing, and learning about the new way to manage CVs and Case Studies sometimes require actually testing our tool with your own data and templates. Therefore, we gladly set up demo accounts for potential users and clients who want to test, either in a bid or with some of the users or key stakeholders in the organization. In this case we set up a subdomain, import clients own data and create initial templates in the account. We can also configure SSO if the testing includes multiple users.

As we have talked about in a previous blog post (1), we can easily import most types of data. As a guideline, the more “structured” the data you have, the better result. When testing the new way of working with CVs and Case Studies our clients get the chance to test all features in our tool properly, including our importing capabilities. This is to avoid any discrepancies and make sure that the following onboarding goes smoothly.

1) Importing data for your account

See our checklist for setting up a demo account:
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