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Setting up CV Partner with Azure / WAAD Single Sign On

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This document describes the steps needed to setup Azure / WAAD as Identity Provider for SSO integration with CV Partner.


CV Partner supports SSO integration with WAAD using the SAML protocol. This document describes the configuration of the WAAD service, presuming the customer already has an Azure account with WAAD enabled.

Configuration of the Azure / WAAD service

1) Sign in to

2) Go to Enterprise applications

3) Click "+ New application"

Give the app a suitable name

4) Go back to Enterprise Applications and click on the app you created

5) Under "Manage" - Click "Single Sign-On"

6) Click "SAML"

7) Fill in like the screenshot below:



Reply URL:


Sign on URL:


Relay State:

Leave empty

Logout URL:


8) Under "Manage" - Click on "Users and groups" and assign access to Groups.

f.ex. Your whole company or individual users (depending on your Azure subscription individual users might be your only option).

9) Under "Manage" - Go back to "Single Sign On"

Copy App Federation Metadata URL and send to


When Azure / WAAD has been configured and CV Partner has received URL to the Federation Metadata Document, as well as activated the integration, the customer can verify that the integration works by accessing


The customer should be redirected to (or equivalent) and asked for authentication, before being redirected and logged into CV Partner. The customer might not be asked for authentication if inside the customer’s internal network. This is dependent on configuration. Both access from outside the customer’s internal network and outside should be tested and verified.


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