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Setting up the CV Partner governance team in your organisation

Sales and marketing

The CV Partner governance team in your organisation should consist of 3-6 people (depending on the size and type of business) and include people from both bid/sales, IT, HR as well as management. The governance team should also have some knowledge of, or been a part of the implementation and use of CV Partner..

Typical tasks for the Governance team include:

  • Making sure the right users have the appropriate access level
  • Make sure master data is maintained 
  • Make sure the templates are up to date and works for all use case
  • Having appropriate backup as well as contingency plans for both people and data
  • Provide second line support for users (our support chat might be first line)
  • Create and maintain the help text 
  • Making sure translations work well
  • Serve as contact point for CV Partner customer success team
  • Perform training of new joiners
  • A contact point for invoicing/POs etc
  • A Privacy/DPO contact (Data Processing Officer)
  • Communicate internally

Some enterprise, multi country companies might have local governance teams as well as a global team. If you work in a smaller company, the governance team could also be one person. Having regular meetings as well as a defined responsibility will help your company get the most out of your CV Partner subscription. All governance team members should get the quarterly Customer Success newsletter to stay up-to-date with new features in CV Partner.

If you are interested in setting up a governance team in your organisation, or join the governance team in your company. Feel free to reach out to the customer success team here:

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