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What is Masterdata?

With CV Partner, you can get full control over the contents of your CVs and case studies. Since a lot of the CV contents are identical across many CVs, you can use the CV Partner Masterdata tool to manage the data across a wide range of users. You can easily update, edit and improve the contents across all your company's CVs and references with ease.

The Masterdata tool is the home of the structured data in the CVs. It is a powerful tool, and used correctly you can help build rich CVs and references and make the powerful search functionality even better. Also, by having defined skills tagged on each project you can filter on years experience for each official skill defined in Masterdata. The system dynamically calculates the number of years experience you have with a skill, technology or method.

With Masterdata, viewing, controlling, defining and translating certain fields in the CVs is easy. Masterdata provides the user with a live list of all the items in each Masterdata section, where an administrator can edit each item across all CVs simultaneously. Push translations, define industries and merge similar data to make all CVs as consistent and precise as possible.

Masterdata is used for both cleaning up data which has been imported or added by the users as well as for making sure the right data is suggested to the user each time they add information in CV Partner. You can also create rules which applies to all users in your account. When a user types in data that triggers a rule, the input changes and the user is provided with an explanation.

When Masterdata is approved, individual users filling out their CV's will have suggestions appear when entering a field in the CV. This helps the user update their CVs and references easier and faster, and at the same time, ensures data consistency.

The Masterdata tool can be applied to several parts of the CV and reference project modules namely:

  • Skills
  • Project experiences
  • Certifications
  • Courses
  • Languages
  • Education
  • Project Roles

If you want to learn more about Masterdata, contact us today! If you are already a CV Partner user, we can provide training or a comprehensive guide to help you get started.

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