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The CV Partner Professional Services CV/Resume and Case Study workflow

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Many professional services firms want to increase their win rate and reduce time spent on delivering bids and proposals. The CV Partner SaaS tool helps these organisations on a daily basis. We have learned that an important bid-winning strategy is having high quality CVs and Case Studies available at all times. To support this strategy, the company needs to make it easy for everyone in their organisation to contribute towards the goal, and offer a streamlined and user friendly workflow around it.

When a new bid is due there are quite a few things that need to be in place to be successful. First of all, you need to have up to date and relevant content for all relevant resources. This includes both CVs and Case Studies. From an organisational viewpoint the high level workflow of delivering a bid or proposal can be summarized like this: "Delivering a Proposal" and "Starting a New Project"

Keeping content up to date and delivering high quality proposals is a continuous process

The main process workflow for a user who wants to keep his or her CV up to date at all times can be further broken down into a subset of achievable goals:

  • having easy access to their CV Partner Master CV or Case Study
  • getting appropriate training or use the high quality help texts in CV Partner
  • getting inspiration from their colleagues' CVs or the company's Case Studies
  • receiving new projects in their own CV as early as possible, partly automating the CV update process

The particular consultant or engineer needs only to be mindful about their own CV or the Case Study they are responsible for and CV Partner makes it easy for them to do just this. We have designed the tool based on feedback from our clients. Some relevant features include:

  • have a user friendly interface that works on all devices and screens
  • make suggestions from Master Data for relevant fields such as skills, courses, and roles based on the company's own taxonomy
  • skills will be automatically categorised in relevant categories
  • suggestions appear as the user type in a user friendly fashion
  • CV Partner automatically adds relevant translations if the company require having more languages

The bid team who are responsible of delivering the bid, proposal or tender will experience the workflow like this:

The workflow when delivering a proposal from CV Partner

In most companies, the bid team cannot be responsible for all case studies as well as each of their colleague's CV. Therefore, the process of keeping both CVs and Case Studies up to date, and adding relevant resources to a project (Sending a project to the project participants CV) starts when a bid or proposal is won. To get high quality data, and avoid spending a lot of time before the bid is due, we recommend capturing this information early. When a bid is won, typically the start date, customer name, project name, description, logo and industry etc is already known. Why not capture and include this as early as possible?

For colleagues who are contributing to your company's projects, either as project participants or as project managers or as key account managers, the workflow can look like this: 

Capturing both Case Study and CV content starts when a proposal is won

These workflows will not only help your bid team win more bids and proposals. Also, each employee will save time when their CV is automatically populated with relevant projects as early as possible.

If you want to learn more, book a time with the customer success team and see the CV Partner workflow for yourself.

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