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The difference between CV Partner and ATS systems (for HR and recruiting companies) and online CV generators

Sales and marketing

When you google "CV database" or "resume management tool" there is a jungle of tools and SaaS services helping professionals find their next job by generating the perfect CV or Resume. You will also find ATS (applicant tracking systems) and other HR tools used by recruiters and HR teams. Many of these have both nice, user friendly interfaces as well as CV templates you could use to help you land your next job. Some of them even have the ability to tailor a summary or a CV for the job you are applying for. However, these tools are made either for job seekers or HR teams, not for bid and consulting managers who need a CV tool to sell projects, experiences and professional services. Also, many of them shares the data (either personal data or anonymously) with third parties, which is a show stopper for most professional services firms.

CV Partner is the CV and Case Study management tool for the professional services enterprise

CV Partner is different, our tool is for the professional services firm who use CVs or Case Studies for bids, tenders and proposals, as well as want to have more control over skills, experiences, certifications at the same time. When a professional services firm signs up for a CV Partner account, it is used by and for their own employees, and the company owns and manages the data (at least for as long as the employee is hired at the firm). The data is not shared with any third parties. This allows us to create a tool that is easy to use for each employee, and that serves the needs of the sales, bid and marketing team, as well as having value for HR, administration and even finance teams.

CV Partner offers a lot of unique features for the professional services firm, namely:

CV Partner offer company specific and bid specific templates in Word, Powerpoint and PDF

CV Partner has a master data tool to clean up and manage thousands of keywords

CV Partner keeps the data safe and secure

CV Partner is also a case study management tool 

CV Partner supports any language

CV Partner clients save 50 % of the time used on updating CVs

CV Partner does not share data with third party (check out our data processing agreement)

CV Partner offer advanced searching and tagging functionality

CV Partner can also be used as a knowledge management tool

CV Partner offer SSO and user provisioning

CV Partner offers in app support chat to all users

CV Partner offer reports and analytics of the usage of CV Partner in your organisation

CV Partner is built for the professional services enterprise

To summarise, if you are a professional services firm you will likely need both an HR system as well as a recruiting or ATS tool if you are recruiting heavily. You also need CV Partner to manage in-house engineers, consultants, lawyers, architects, designers and staff. Lastly, the other tools you use or need can likely be connected using the CV Partner API. 

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