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Using a cloud based bid proposal content library to keep your CVs/Resumes and reference projects up to date

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If you are a bid manager in a professional services firm, perhaps you have asked yourself one of these questions:

  • Are the CVs/Resumes and Case Studies/Past Performances always up-to-date and ready to be used in a proposal?
  • Does the projects and case studies or past performances have the same information as the CVs and skill overviews?
  • Does our CVs and Case Studies have the key information required by the bids we are delivering?

If you can't say "YES" to all of the above questions then perhaps it's because your CVs and Case Studies are not properly linked together.

Welcome CV Partner - the bid proposal content library that automates how CVs and Case Studies are managed in professional services firms. No need to manually ensure that the content you have has the correct information, using the CV Partner workflow, this is done automatically.

Here is how easy CVs/Resumes and reference projects are linked in CV Partner

The system use the customer name to link data between CVs and reference projects. Therefore make sure the customer names are added correctly initially, while keeping an eye out in master data to make sure the terminology is aligned.

Standard/default workflow: Win a project -> create an official reference project -> Add Users/CVs -> Users adds their role(s) and skills in their own CV

Tip: See the blue "Starting a new project" workflow. More info here.

An alternative workflow starts by the user adding Customer name in their CV first, then:

1. User adds an official reference project in their CV themselves, and get all the relevant information in their CV. All they have to do is add their skills and role.

NB! Official values always outrank (appear first) compared with unofficial ones

2. User adds (unofficial) reference project from another CV themselves:

Suggestion for a project description appear here (when a User updates their CV)

You can also create official reference projects from projects CVs/resumes with the click of a button, allowing it to be an official suggestions for other project participants.

Yes, it's that easy. Your colleagues or SMEs can help you create content for the Case Studies, while keeping their own CV/Resume up-to-date.

Did we mention that all of the content you have created is instantly searchable too?

Get started with the new (automated) way of managing CVs and Case Studies today!

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