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Using Collaborative Proposals in CV Partner

Sales and marketing

The CV Partner collaborative proposals feature allows anyone with a CV Partner account to easily participate in collaborative bids with other companies who also use CV Partner. This feature introduced in 2017 has helped many CV Partner clients win bids and proposals without having to do any manual formatting or copy paste.

This feature is great for the following use cases

  • Large public procurement or NGO bids or proposals where multiple companies participate in the bidding process
  • Consulting brokers who assemble teams from various sources to bid
  • Freelancers or other part time resources who wants to be a part of a bigger bids or proposals
  • If two or more companies form a consortium wants to co-brand for a bid or proposal 

If you were using CV Partner, you might be able to more easily get access to bidding opportunities and therefore potentially win more bids. With this powerful feature, sharing your relevant and available resources can be done in less than 1 minute. 

The benefits for participating companies include

  • No copy paste or formatting of content into a shared template
  • Easily highlight the most relevant skills or experiences with a few clicks
  • Secure and easy way to share your colleagues personal data
  • Gain access to more and bigger bidding opportunities

If you are using CV Partner, and want your collaborators to use this feature, you should do this

  • Tell the company you are collaborating with about the benefits of having CV Partner
  • Send them the link to this article
  • Connect them with CV Partner Customer Success Team and we will help them further and keep you updated in the process

If you are considering CV Partner, use this as a good reason to get started today

If you are not using CV Partner today, but want to get access to this feature you can either:

  • Become a customer (contact us)
  • Sign up for a demo account and you can access this feature for a limited period
Learn more by contacting CV Partner