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Using CV Partner for Control A.12.1.1 Documented Operating Procedures in the ISO 27001 certification

Sales and marketing

CV Partner was recently certified according to ISO 27001. The certification process has taken our company to the next step when it comes to information security and privacy, more info about that here. 

“Eating our own dog food” or “practice as you preach” means following the same advice that you offer to the market. At CV Partner, we use therefore use CV Partner to manage our own skills and projects internally. We have also used it when we needed to submit CVs and Case Studies when we submit bids for our system in competitive tenders, RFQs or RFPs. Recently, when we worked towards the the ISO 27001 certification, we quickly learned that we need a system “ensure the appropriate skills are in place for redundancy".

Therefore, as we grow our team, introduce new technologies and features and improve our product, new skills are relevant to run CV Partner safely, securely, and with high availability. Also, having our internal skills documented we can then use the advanced search functionality as well as reports to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills according to ISO 27001.

Example taken from our CV Partner account. Both categorization as well as search for relevant skills is needed in ISO 27001

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