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If you work as a consultant, engineer, architect, lawyer or designer you are likely to keep your CV up to date in several relevant formats and submit the most relevant ones regularly for bids and proposals. 

Before CV Partner, the CV and the CV template was the same thing. If you wanted your CV in multiple formats, you had to create it manually, often wearing out the Copy/Paste buttons on your computer in the process.

With CV Partner, you can now redesign all of your CVs and case studies in one place, quickly and easily.

In CV Partner, the CV and Case Study data is decoupled from the CV and Case Study templates used when submitting bids and proposals. This unique approach makes it easy to make changes to the templates, without having to change any of the content. Each user will update their CV in CV Partner, and the CV is instantly available for export in any format you might require.

The custom templates can be used to generate CVs in PDF, PPTX (powerpoint) and Word formats. The templates can be designed exactly to match your requirements or existing formats, fonts, formats, colors, images, backgrounds and logo types.

A general rule is that if you are able to build it in word, we can export it from CV Partner.

CV Partner also supports government specific, client specific or bid specific templates, allowing you to quickly get the CV and Case Study data ready for a bid or proposal.

Examples of our ready-to-use demo templates generated from a CV in CV Partner

How does the templates work?

Some clients make their own templates using our “Template School” which is available in the solution, but we are always available to assist clients when making templates on their own. Each account can have multiple templates allowing for more flexibility.

We also have a list of ready-to-use official templates that are often used in public, federal, NGO or government tenders. When new templates are issued for these tenders, we create them, often in just a few hours, allowing you to save time when submitting the CVs and Case Studies.

Having the templates for public or government tenders saves our clients for several hundred hours of manual formatting per year, allowing them to submit more and better bids and proposals.

Also, if a company who uses CV Partner is planning a rebranding, they only need to change their template to redesign all of their CV's and case studies. Read more about this case here:

The benefits of having the content detached from the format are plentiful:

  • Download the correct format for each proposal every time
  • No need for multiple versions or hectic copy-pasting to reach the bid deadline
  • Rebranding and template changes readily available without having to change each individual CV
  • Smart functionality for star marking (highlighting) is supported to tailor the CV to the specific tender with just a few clicks
  • Easily update and adapt your templates to specific needs
  • The templates can be internationalized ensuring that the language of the template headlines matches the contents of the CV
  • Have standard templates for each organization, department, office or language

Get a demo today to see the endless template possibilities yourself!

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