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How do you keep your CV up-to-date?

Many people in the professional services industry have a number of different CV versions. They then find, edit and tailor the most relevant of these versions for each new bid or proposal.

But this is a long winded process. And it gets even more complicated when you’re dealing with multiple CVs across the breadth of an organisation.  

If you’re manually updating and reformatting CVs each time you pitch for new business, you’ll be wearing out those copy paste buttons – and wasting a lot of your valuable time.

That’s why we created CV Partner templates.

Introducing CV Partner templates…

With CV Partner, you can quickly and easily redesign all of your CVs (and case studies) in one place.

We’ve separated CV content from CV template design. This unique approach means that users can make changes to templates without changing CV content.

You can export CVs formatted with whichever template best suits your bid, with all CV content lifted from your CV Partner database.

These customised templates can be used to generate CVs in PDF, PowerPoint and Word formats. And you can design them exactly to your requirements – with the fonts, colours, images, backgrounds and logos you require.

Examples of our ready-to-use demo templates generated from a CV in CV Partner

How to create a CV Partner template

Creating your own CV Partner templates couldn’t be easier.

You can make your own templates using our Template Generator. Or you can get design support from our expert template team.

Either way, you can create an unlimited number of CV templates – tailored to the types of bids and proposals your company usually submits.  

You can also make use of our platform’s official ready-to-go templates for public, federal, NGO and government tenders.

And if you’re rebranding, it’s not a problem! All you have to do is edit your templates. From here, all CVs and case studies will be populated with your new designs.

The benefits of using CV Partner templates

So what do our clients find most useful about CV Partner templates? Here are a few of the standout benefits.

  • Do away with multiple CV versions. Simply download the correct format for each proposal, each and every time.
  • Save hundreds of hours putting together bids, tenders and proposals. Instead of copying, pasting and formatting each individual document, you can create all the CVs and case studies you need with just a few clicks.
  • Create a more cohesive and consistent pitch. Your CVs and case studies will all match the great design of your template – and convey your high level of professionalism to prospective clients.
  • Easily create and update a variety of templates. Create custom designs for each organisation, department and office. You can even adapt templates to match the language of your client location.

Using CV Partner templates simplifies and streamlines the process of bids, tenders and proposals. Request a free demo to see our templates for yourself and find out what CV Partner can do for your organisation.

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