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Who should “own” the CVs/Resumes and case studies in your organization?

Sales and marketing

Looking for the answer in the first paragraph? Spoiler alert! The short answer is that all employees should have easy access to, and therefore also ownership of, their own CV! When I say everyone I do mean all employees, regardless of technical competency, age, seniority, number of projects, professional achievement etc. Often, the more senior the more important it is to give a good example towards the rest of the organization.

Ownership in the onboarding phase

In an onboarding phase of the CV Partner tool, we try to include and involve key stakeholders from sales / bid team, HR, Marketing, Legal, IT as well as the department managers. To communicate and facilitate the roll-out it makes sense to keep key people from each department updated, but they do not necessarily need to spend much time on it in this phase. After the rollout we recommend to have dedicated personnel to “own” the CVs in the organization, helping employees and super users get the most out of the tool.

Ownership in the organization

The internal ownership of the CV Partner account does vary from company to company. Large multinational firms have knowledge managers, bid managers or senior sales executives who use CV Partner every day, and it is only natural that they own the advanced functionality and works as an internal resource to maximise the potential of the CV Partner solution. The CV Partner contact person should be someone who knows the organization well, someone who have been involved in sales or HR and someone who is both organized and with attention to details. Additionally, if they are interested in formatting high quality visually appealing documents that is also a plus!

Put CV Partner in your job description

Some of the largest clients have specific roles with job descriptions where a significant portion of the working hours is dedicated towards working with CV Partner in the organization. This includes bid strategy and planning, following up users, assisting bid team, updating templates, spelling and error checking, controlling the master data and many other things. Any organization with more than 200 users we also recommend automating the user creation and deletion. In smaller organizations it is often the sale team and/or management who are the most frequent users.

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