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Why CV Partner is also a knowledge database tool

Sales and marketing

CV Partner is the place for all the skills and competency in your company. The CV and the Case Studies contains this information, and in CV Partner you can manage the information easily. You can get reports as well as use it for internal competency or skill search.

The motivation behind having a knowledge database solution are plentiful. Managing innovative processes, leverage organizational expertise, improving collaboration, organizational learning, improving HR-processes as well as managing intellectual property to mention a few.

CV Partner works as the hub where the CVs are the source of the most up to date information. With CV Partner you get a two in one, more effective sales processes combined with a powerful knowledge database tool!

Since CV Partner also have an advanced structured database, the tool knows how many years experience you have with a certain skill or competency, based on the project duration. This allows you to get more rich data and search results.

Some clients have replaced intranet and internal contact databases with CV Partner. CV Partner is in this sense used as an employee directory tool. The advanced search, combined with the project history, skill overview and work experiences makes the results more relevant than most other internal tools. CV Partner has a customizable department structure as well as custom tags, you can easily filter searches on departments, division, location, office or technology.

The knowledge database features is used daily by CV Partner clients, both for finding people for bids and proposals, but also to find skills, projects and expertise in the organization itself. For many clients, CV Partner works as an internal reference book and search tool to find the right colleague to help you learn a new skill.

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