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Why implementing CV partner is easier than any HRM, CRM or ERP system

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Ensuring a quick ROI is important when implementing new workflows and tools in any organization. Cloud tools are easy to implement since it is running in your browser, the cost is therefore often related to data import and training of users. Often, organizations also resist change and new systems to manage their time, and there are multiple stories of failed roll outs of enterprise software. To mitigate this risk, we have dedicated personnel for onboarding of new clients, and we offer trial periods where new clients have the chance to get assisted onboarding before the go live date is set. Also, we share our experience having rolled out enterprise wide software to dozens of professional services firms.

CV Partner is a tool that saves both individual employees (users with CVs/Resumes) as well as the sales and or bid team. Each user get access, but training is rarely needed since each user will get access to help texts and support chat inside the app. Also, the UI is easy to use and each user get help from the master data tool to put the right text in the right fields.

Compared with an ERP, HRM or CRM system, there is not as much business logic that needs to be modeled in CV Partner. This means that you can get started without needing to know the details of the business you are in. All you need to know is your employees email, name and title! Everyone have written a CV/resume at some point in their career, and having a tool that helps and saves time in this is often welcomed by most.

In the onboarding process, the data you have prior to CV Partner is imported by the CV Partner team. We can import most formats including Word, Powerpoint, Excel and various database formats. Included is best practices and advice from having helped thousands of users create beautiful CVs/Resumes, Case Studies, bids and proposals.

The system is plug and play, and you can get your employees onboard without training! Super users such as your HR, Sales or Bid team will get tailored face to face training to ensure that they get instant benefit of the tool. In our experience, the bid team, sales and HR appreciate the time savings and features the tool offers and therefore welcome our assistance. In fact, at our annual customer event we asked how our tool was to implement, and we got very positive responses. Read the blog post here

Some key features with CV Partner that allows for easy roll out and onboarding:

  • Hosted solution, no installation or updates requires
  • Safe and secure storage
  • GDPR compliant
  • Monthly or yearly payment options
  • Easy to import and export data
  • CV Partner is regularly adding more time saving and bid winning features

If you want to learn more about how to get started with CV Partner. Do not hesitate to contact us today!

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