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Why your bid team need to have a content library specifically made for CVs and Case Studies

Sales and marketing

In your bid team you might have a file share or content library system for corporate presentation templates, bid templates, text or content which can be used in both bids, proposals, sales and marketing. These documents are often dynamic, and adapted for each use. Some content library systems allows for keeping different versions of the documents, and other systems might be a file share where each bid has a separate folder, however, most of them does not involve each user or owner of the content to edit the information.

CVs, Credentials, Case Studies and information about which projects and clients you are working with is also often a part of such a system or file share. However, these documents are often the most dynamic, meaning they are more likely to need to be changed for each bid or proposal. This makes sense since each document is different, and a professional services company is likely to have 10s, 100s or 1000s of small or large projects ongoing at any time. Also, simultaneously, the consultants, engineers or lawyers working in your firm might have acquired new or updated certifications, courses, skills etc on a daily or weekly basis.

This claim is not just an observation we have made while working with bid teams in the professional services industry, the below slide which also illustrates this was taken from Dr Andrew Loveridge and Kathryn Potter excellent presentation named «Leading your content management strategy» at the APMP UK 2019 event at London Heathrow.

Taken from page 5 of Loveridge and Potters presentation

The more dynamic the content, the more challenging it is to keep up to date. With CV Partner, you can tick of many of the content blocks presented by Loveridge and Potter including:

  • Employee Statistics
  • Supplier Details
  • CVs and Case Studies
  • Services overviews
  • Logos and contact information
  • Photos, statements and awards
  • Templates

Some of these content blocks are rarely updated, and is not even available unless you specifically create them or keep them available for your team. The more dynamic, periodic or frequently updated the document needs to be, the more time it will take to make sure it is up to date, and the more people need to be involved in keeping it updated. Therefore, arguably the first tool you should have is a CV and Case Study tool such as CV Partner to manage the information you need to win bids. Also, the tool should allow each employee to easily update their information, making sure it is both searchable and available, version controlled and filled with small items of content. 

Some of the most important features of your content management library according to Loveridge and Potter

Using CV Partner can help you get full control over some of the most dynamic documents needed for you to win bids (illustrated above). Once you have CV Partner, you can then easily make sure the content is up to date. You can also get this information exported to the format(s) you need, or compile the information together with the rest of your documents needed to win more bids.

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