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Why your professional services firm needs a consultant cv database

Sales and marketing

In a professional services firm, the skills and experiences your colleagues have is the core of the consulting business. Knowing what your colleagues as well as company have done to make your clients successful is often what wins your next client.

In many professional services firms this knowledge is tacit, it sits with the department managers, or the people working in bid or sales. Some of the knowledge might be on an intranet site, shared folder or HR system but that is not sufficient to win bids and proposals. These skills and experiences need to be used in the form of CVs and Case Studies, or used in pitches to clients or on your website to have value.

Even if you do have control over the consultants CVs in a database, you need to capture new and client-specific terminology effectively. You can try to track this in excel sheets, a shared drive such as a sharepoint or intranet, but the result often ends up being that it is not up-to-date and not user friendly. CV Partner solves this by giving your consultants an easy-to-use interface that is instantly available and searchable.

Further, having instant access to knowledge about what your colleagues skills are, as well as which clients, industries and projects the skills have been used requires a system that is updated, searchable and available. The ability to do combined searches, and filter based on years experience gives you a further advantage when tailoring a CV towards a client needs.

A skill, experience or project that does not end up being used in your bids and proposals is in this case not worth anything in terms of increase revenue or new projects. Therefore, having an up to date consultant cv database,  should be a priority in all professional services firms. 

If you struggle to have control over your consultants CVs, or if you have lost a bid partly due to low quality CVs or poor score on the perceived quality of the bid itself, book a demo of CV Partner to see how a consultant cv database works!

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