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Why your skill database or competency matrix should not be a excel sheet

Sales and marketing

Getting up to date information on the skills and competency across your organization is often a challenge. Many organizations have this information scattered in HR systems, Excel sheets and Word documents. However, the most effective tool is the one which gives everyone in the organization easy access to the data, to search through it, and to facilitate the process where this information is added and maintained. We have written two blog posts why CV Partner is a good source of master data for knowledge management.

A supercharged tool for knowledge managers

Why CV Partner is also a knowledge management tool

We have encountered skill and competency matrices in excel which are extensively intricate and rarely up to date. These sheets are updated on an annual or bi-annual basis, and only contains a snapshot at a certain time. Companies that have skill or competency information in HR systems say the same thing. Since each user does not have access to their data, but instead manually inputted and managed by the HR department, the contents are rarely up to date, and seldom used in sales or marketing activities if used at all.

By combining the skill repository or skill matrix with the CV and Case Study database you get a few benefits:

  1. One system which reduces complexity for all users
  2. Easy to use, customizable interface
  3. Reporting functionality to get the data you need exported in excel, csv or similar
  4. Better security of login (SSO) and storage of data
  5. Full control over terminology and taxonomy with the CV Partner master data tool
  6. Powerful and easy to use search functionality
  7. The system automatically calculates the years experience for each competency, and the proficiency level
  8. A powerful API that allows you to connect the data to any other system

Combining the skill or competency database with certifications and courses gives better insight and more precise search results. Also, the system knows the end date of the certifications if they expire. With the powerful search functionality you can combine to refine searches.

If you need a skill matrix for a bid showing the skills, or number of people with skills in a category or on a department basis for a bid or tender, the advanced reporting functionality in CV Partner can be used to get the data you need in an editable excel format.

If you would like to see this for yourself, feel free to contact us to get a demo!

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