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With CV Partner bid managers and key account managers save time working with CVs and Case studies

Sales and marketing

Having access to the right CV and case study is essential for everyone working with sales in a consultancy or competency based organization.

Before CV Partner, most consultancies kept CVs in file shares, custom designed solutions or sharepoint solutions, which did not offer the functionality needed for an effective sales process. Having a structured, well defined, searchable and cloud-based solution instead of individual files makes the process a lot easier.

With CV Partner you have all of the information in one place. Not spending time searching for information is a big time saver for CV Partner users. Also, having one place where all of the information is relevant and up to date makes CV Partner users avoid doing the same job twice. Having access to several CV versions (tailored to each bid or proposal) is also saving time as well as improving the likelihood of winning the bid.

Secondly, sharing the CVs internally, allowing each consultant to easily and quickly update their CVs makes the entire database more relevant, current and user friendly. On average, the consultants save 50 % of the time spent on updating their CVs and reference projects (Case Studies)

Thirdly, by having custom templates you no longer have to Copy Paste from one template to another. This is particularly valuable when delivering bids and templates where the client requires a specific template for the CVs and Case Studies. With CV Partner you can easily and quickly change templates during a corporate rebranding process and change the format, font, colour and logos for your entire organization in minutes, saving each employee many hours of copy pasting.

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