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Your consultants Word or Powerpoint CVs should not be kept in a shared folder

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CV Partner have replaced countless shared drives and "old ways" of managing CVs and Case Studies in professional services firms. We have spoken with bid teams, department managers, CEO, HR teams and more to learn the challenges of coordinating a professional services firm to create beautiful, high-quality CVs and Case Studies. 

The old way is both complex, inflexible and time-consuming

Here is a typical scenario, imagine that your company have done a rebrand, or for another reason have to re-write the content of the CVs of all the staff in your company. Perhaps you have lost a bid due to low score on skills or experience, and have to do a complete revamp of your CV database. 

You might think it is a good idea to create a brand new, nicely formatted Word template file, with help texts examples and perhaps even a guide to how to complete the Word file next to it. You will make a great example CV that your colleagues can use for inspiration. You will then either upload it to the intranet, sharepoint, or even send it on email to all department heads, expecting that magic will happen by itself and that nicely formatted, up-to-date CVs will appear in the shared folder you have created shortly afterwards. Sounds too good to be true? That is because it is. 

Typically, in the above scenario, the following will happen:

  • 15 % of staff will never update their CV, regardless of how many hours is spent asking nicely
  • 40 % of staff will make it 80 % completed quite quickly, and you will end up with content with lots of placeholder text, as well as questions, comments and content that cannot be used without a proper editorial effort from you or the bid team itself
  • 25 % of staff will make it 95% complete, which is often good enough but it won't contain the full content needed for every bid
  • 20 % of staff will do it as you hope everyone would have done it

Further, over time, you will meet the following challenges:

  • Where is the right, and most up-to-date version of the CV actually stored?
  • What to do with tailored versions of the CV?
  • Consistency in wording, skills, company names, certifications etc. 
  • Searchability across larger datasets (sets of Word files) is poor
  • People store their CV locally, only to submit when asked, creating multiple versions
  • What to do when the bid asks for an Excel file, or PPT ? 

Also, some of your colleagues will be creative, and start adding rows, columns, new sections, images, graphics and lots more within the CV document itself. This might be relevant and value-adding but when you are submitting multiple CVs those ones that stand out,  and the consistency, look and feel of the overall bid or proposal will suffer. 

If you instead use CV Partner, you will solve all of the above problems and get the following benefits in addition:

  • All users will get a nice interface helping them add the relevant content you need
  • You can easily track progress and ensure quality of the data
  • Everything is searchable and available at all times
  • You can easily export the data in Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel whenever needed

There are lots of good reasons why leading professional services firms use CV Partner, winning more bids and proposals is one of them

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