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Having an employee resume filebase vs a structured resume database

Are you storing the resumes of your engineers or consultants in a filebase such as a sharepoint or shared folder? Use a structured resume database instead to save time and win more bids!

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Using a cloud based bid proposal content library to keep your CVs/Resumes and reference projects up to date

CV Partner is a cloud based SaaS bid and proposal library tool specifically for CVs Resumes and reference projects. Professional services firms use CV Partner to get higher quality, better content and to win more bids and proposals.

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A customizable CV Resume management and generation tool for professional services

This blog post explains how the automation and benefits from having a CV Resume management system such as CV Partner will not be at the cost of customizability, but rather offer some unique and new features and benefits that a sharepoint with Word files does not have.

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How professional services firms can collaborate better on bids and projects remotely

Covid-19 has accelerated virtual working across the business world. But this creates a new set of challenges for optimised team-working, often at the heart of any professional service company. This blog explores the challenges associated with virtual team working and suggests that new tools, like CV Partner, are needed to ensure continued optimised networking, knowledge sharing through CVs and Case Studies, in a new virtual world.

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CV Partner: Great Sustainable Travel Test - Oslo to Stockholm

In the development of our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG), Erling Linde (CEO) and Astrid Stensrud (COO) take different travel modes between Oslo and Stockholm to compare and contrast cost, time, quality and carbon.

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Leveraging the Millennial Baby-Boom

This blog provides an overview on how CV Partner is embracing the millennial baby boom and is leveraging the advantages it brings to our people and our business.

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For Professional Services - Knowledge is Real Power!

Professional service companies are full steam ahead with digitisation, automation and AI, but are they forgetting their most important assets... their people and experience? This blog considers if these companies have overlooked the opportunity to get the most out of their people and experience by truly harnessing the the existing knowledge and experience of their people. It suggests professional service companies should consider the 'Knowledge Hierarchy' to consider how to best manage knowledge in their organisations. It goes onto highlight that CV Partner can have a significant impact on powering operational performance.

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CV Partner at APMP BPC Dallas 2022

Many demos showed how CV Partner can export Resumes and Past Performances in both company specific and branded version as well as various formats for US Government and Federal bids such as the US Form 330.

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Who should “own” the CVs/Resumes and case studies in your organization?

Who should “own” the CVs and case studies in your organization? Getting better content and formatting requires effort from both sales, HR, management and the employees themselves.

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Using templates with CV Partner

How do you keep your CV up-to-date? Many people in the professional services industry have a number of different CV versions. They then find, edit and tailor the most relevant of these versions for each new bid or proposal. But this is a long winded process. And it gets even more complicated when you’re dealing with multiple CVs across the breadth of an organisation.

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