CV Partner Customer Event in Oslo

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The CV Partner customer seminar was held in Oslo on October 12th 2018. The agenda included a talk from Erland Skogli at Menon Economics about the size and trends in the professional services market in Norway, and a talk from Cecilie Sælør Fon at Inventura about the trends and changes to public procurement in Norway. We also revealed our latest features and talked about upcoming new features.

The demonstration of notable new features included the roles overview and highlighting functionality. The event had a good turnout where many CV Partner users who normally don’t interact too often got to meet in person. The event included both existing and new users.

“The size and importance of professional services industry in Norway” from Erland Skogli, Partner at Menon Economics

The study originally from 2017, with updated numbers for 2018 included an analysis of the size and importance of the professional services industry in Norway. Erland could conclude that the value creation from the industry was important, and exceeding many other more known industries such as for example fish farming. Also, the industry is growing rapidly. Key takeaway includes the size, growth and the different types of services offered. Contact Erland or Andreas to get more information.

Erland’s contact details are:

“Public procurement of professional services, trends and recent changes” from Cecilie Sælør Fon, Senior Advisor at Inventura

Cecilie spoke about the new rules for public procurement which went live January 1st 2017 and its implications for the procurement process of professional services. She also offered some insights on how the digitalization paradigm shift affects both the bidding and the procurement side with a hint towards having automatic scoring and verification of credentials some time in the future. Download slides here

Updates from CEO Erling Linde and Customer Success Manager Anna Pesic Sandor

Erling spoke about GDPR, new upcoming features and new team members were introduced. We got feedback on our roadmap, and users got to talk to each other. CV Partner’s newest addition to the team is Anna Pesic Sandor who will manage our Stockholm office as customer success manager. She did a quick introduction to herself and Anna is here to make you as a CV Partner client more successful by sharing best practices with all of our clients.

Anna’s contact details are: +46 76 677 61 70

Next event from CV Partner will be the London Bid Evening hosted with Shipley on November 22nd near Victoria, London. Sign up here

Thanks to everyone for participating, we are already looking forward to the next event!

Additional information:

Contact Andreas Parr Bjørnsund at if you have any questions


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